The PUNTACANA Ecological Park is a natural sanctuary for local flora and fauna and visitors alike. Trails meander through forest settings and beautifully maintained cultivated gardens where visitors will see unusual plants and rare and endangered animals. Living exhibitions display the wide web of Caribbean biodiversity, showcasing bird and insect life, the native iguana, Dominican farm animals, and some of the unique history of the island.

Petting Farm
The Petting Farm houses domesticated animals that played an essential role in exploration and survival in the mountain jungles and coastal forests of the Dominican Republic. Visitors are encouraged to feed and touch our many friends.

Cultural Exhibits
The Dominican Republic has had a unique cultural and natural history, that has been greatly influenced by agricultural crops such as cacao, coffee, tobacco, and the Dominican traditional farm or “conuco.”

Iguana Habitat
The Rhinoceros iguana is an endemic species that only occurs on the island of Hispaniola. The PUNTACANA Ecological Foundation has created an iguana habitat so our visitors can enjoy seeing this spectacular creature, as well as in an effort to repopulate the Punta Cana area with iguanas.

Experimental Gardens
The Ecological Foundation has developed a variety of experimental gardens that allow visitors to the Punta Cana region to explore native and introduced plant species and delicious fruits and vegetables that can be found in the Dominican Republic. Our organic vegetable garden supplies fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs to the local homes, restaurants, and hotels of the area, while our ornamental nursery is a source for landscaping and decorative plants. We also have experimental palm tree, medicinal plant, cactus, and fruit tree gardens.

Visiting Hours
The Park is open from sunrise to sunset daily. Guided tours and self-guided tours are available. Please call (809) 959-9208 for more information.

Park Virtual Tour
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