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Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve

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The Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve is a private protected area owned and operated by the PUNTACANA Ecological Foundation. Consisting of lowland subtropical forest, the reserve covers 1,500 acres of land dedicated to conservation, scientific research, and recreation.

The Ecological Park consists of numerous exhibits describing the cultural and natural history of the island. Visitors can visit a petting zoo with many domesticated animals common in the Dominican Republic since colonial times, a sugarcane exhibit, an iguana habitat and many other attractions.

The Ecological Reserve is a forest reserve with twelve freshwater lagoons, five of which visitors can swim in. Historians discovered that the Taíno Indians, the pre-Columbian inhabitants of the island, referred to the lagoons as “eyes” because of their distinctive shape. For this reason, the Ecological Park and Reserve was named “Ojos Indígenas” or “Indigenous Eyes.”

The reserve is open daily from sunup to sundown for guests of the PUNTACANA Resort and Club and members of the PUNTACANA community.

For other visitors interested in visiting the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve, please visit our Ecological Excursions page for more information.

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