The Ecological Foundation has worked to protect endangered turtle species for over a decade  
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Sea Turtles are fascinating reptiles that live their entire lives in the world’s oceans. Unfortunately, all seven species of sea turtles are threatened by extinction primarily due to human impacts: illegal harvest of their meat and eggs, incidental fishing, and degradation of turtle nesting beaches. Additionally, the shell of certain species such as hawksbill turtles is used as accessories, jewelry and artifacts.

Since 1994, the PUNTACANA Ecological Foundation has been committed to sea turtle conservation, working with several national and international organizations in the realization of activities that help protect sea turtles. In 2010, the Foundation launched an organized beach-monitoring program, carrying out extensive beach patrols throughout the entire turtle egg-laying season, resulting in the identification of five different Hawksbill turtle nests in front of the PUNTACANA Resort & Club. This represents the greatest number of turtle nests in the resort in more than a decade. By season’s end the Foundation, with the help of hotel guests, residents and employees of the resort, safely released over 580 hawksbill hatchlings.

In the future, the Foundation plans to expand the program to other local beaches and involve other hotel chains and their guests in these monitoring initiatives. The Foundation is actively seeking ways to encourage future nesting by making changes in coastal lighting on and near the beach and planting more native flora to provide better nesting conditions. The Foundation has also begun a widespread awareness campaign warning tourists that purchasing artisanal crafts made from turtle shells is illegal and represents an important threat to this already critically endangered animal.

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