Worm composting is an innovative solution to large quantities of food waste  
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Beginning in 2007, the Ecological Foundation embarked on the implementation of Zero Waste (link to throughout the PUNTACANA Resort & Club, joining an international movement that seeks to eliminate the concept of garbage in cities, residential communities and tourism developments.

As part of this project, the Ecological Foundation began a worm compost operation as a means of converting organic waste from the kitchens and gardens of the resort into soil and other products. Using California Red Wiggler worms (Eisenia foetida), a species that can consume their own weight in organic trash daily, the Foundation began working with one kitchen in the resort, receiving between 600-1200 kilos of kitchen waste a week. This waste is then converted into several tons of worm humus and thousands of gallons of liquid fertilizer on a yearly basis. These products are then used to fertilize green areas, plant nurseries, and in the Foundation Vegetable Nursery (link to The Foundation has created its own brand of fertilizers called “PUNTACANA Plant Fuel.”

The Foundation plans to expand the worm compost operation to incorporate as many of the resort’s kitchens as it can and minimize as much as possible the production of organic waste throughout the PUNTACANA Resort & Club.

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